Top 10 Best Cities for Quality of Life

How does it feel being in a new city, a city full of new ideas, better hangout areas, and quick and enhanced medical services, and quality weather? Well, I guess that could be the most fulfilling times and moments of your life.

The year 2019 is speedily approaching, and in your mind, I think you would love to walk or stay in such a beautiful city, a city far from trouble and misery but with quality life. However, the question still begs, which are these cities with better and higher job opportunities, have affordable housing and proper medical facilities?

Below are the top ten best cities you would consider for a quality life. (Click “Next” at the bottom of the page to read the remaining parts of the article)

#10. Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand - Best Cities for Quality of Life


Located near the North Island’s southernmost point on the Cook Strait, Wellington city brags of its diverse culture, beautiful resort centers, learning centers, beaches, and foods among many other tourist attraction features.

Despite being one of the most populated cities in the world, Wellington offers a great lifestyle to its residences. The city has fully equipped health facilities like the Wellington Regional Hospital which has professional medical staffs.

The city also offers a high employment rate of about 4.4% which is high enough compared to other cities of its similar characteristics. Proper and affordable housing is another excellent feature this city has for the benefits of her citizens.